FlyHomes Process

Internal CRM & operations tools

FlyHomes is a real-estate brokerage focusing on helping customers find their dream home.

This is an internal multi-tenant tool to help manage the home-buying life-cycles of both our customers and the market house listing inventory. The core users are the many roles in our wider team.

This project is a part of a larger integrated solution for helping the business manage a home-buying journey life-cycle.




Design Team Manager - UX/UI Lead


Responsive web application 

Solution: Redesign existing landing page UI by organizing content into key value proposition placement, clearer navigations structure for quickly accessing core site content and to seamlessly move users into a new search flow experience.

Client data hub (CRM)

Home listings data hub

Stakeholder Collaboration

I created a research plan to identify the questions we needed to answer and collect evidence to support recommendations. In collecting evidence, I conducted a survey with around fifty customers, interviewing several in depth over the phone; as well as analyzing how other products solve a similar problem.

The most important question I had to answer was not about the sort of changes our customers wanted to make, but rather why they wanted to customize their dashboards.

Rapid Sketching

Due to a highly aggressive deadline we needed to move quickly through the phases. Low-fi sketching was key to capture user requirments and promptly communicate back for a fast feedback loop on direction. We iterated over the wireframes based on hallway testing and continual shadowing collaboration.

Problem Understanding

Internally interviewing using sketches for mapping both existing methods and new opportunities.

User Identity & Needs

Through out collaboration there is continual awareness/uncovering opportunities where roles may pivot and have contextual touchpoints with other roles in their task flow. This is progressively captured and distilled into potential features--in regards to primary role use.

Shadowing our internal team, we rapidly sketched UIs (sometimes on the spot) to uncover questions.

It was a continual refinement process to nail down the key features (MVP) that would be pertinent to the needs of their respective role.

Illustrating Feature Task Flows

Continual analysis validation of data through fast sketching--promoting rapid group understanding and course correction.
For example: A user may customize how to view their own table data — persistently accessible and available for others on the team utilize.

Customer Data Table (Customizable)

House Listings Table (Life-cycle status)

Tour Management System (Operations)