FlyHomes Landing

Brand website

FlyHomes is a real-estate brokerage focusing on helping customers find their dream home.

Unvieling a new visual look and content organized to reflect clear business strategy to guide customers into a seamless home search experience.

The project's success was tied to delivering engaging value proposition and for users to schedule a meeting with our team. Using the website the success criteria would be measured using key metrics around user engagement through an increase of sign-up percentage.

This project is a part of a larger integrated solution for helping the business manage a home-buying journey life-cycle.




Design Team Manager - UX/UI Lead


Responsive web application 

Solution: Redesign existing landing page UI by organizing content into key value proposition placement, clearer navigations structure for quickly accessing core site content and to seamlessly move users into a new search flow experience.

I kicked off the project with focused research into the problem, analyzing how other products solve the problem, and talking with users.

Lead the team in implementing a formal design process with clear Design Strategy as a success barometer to remain "outcome focused".

Identifying our audience

Centering the product team around who our users are and build an empathy with them.

  • Customer interviews and surveys for feedback

Structure: Sitemap

I deliverd a standard  Hierarchical Tree

Common UI patterns

Completed in collaboration with the development team. They were typically drafted at the wireframe-level, refined in visual design, and tweaked again during development. Here's an example of some of these UI components in the high-fidelity stage.

I focused largely on Interaction Design and the Design System.

Augmenting the flow with On-Boarding

With the intent of guiding the customer to sign-up and speak with our team we'd explored many visual flows to help inform and simplify the process. 

Walking through many of these ideas through iterative collaboration with stakeholders informed the content, marketing strategy and maintained support of the design strategy .

Customer On-Boarding Flow. Key Opportunity to begin by 'building a search'

With our goal on intuitive usability we delivered a more user predictive structure in the interaction flow. The result best addresses both the business strategy of engaging the user to sign-up as well as meeting the user's need to smoothly move into the search experience.

I designed an interactive Linear Narrative.  Learn by doing—a way to effectively communicate available content interactivity and functional familiarity to the user as they are guided into the new Search context.

Identify User Context

Initializing a fast capture method on where the customer may be at contextually in the journey. 

Search Location

Engage user with functional search parameters in just 3 short steps.

Search Type and Price

Continuing with most popular additional filters to get user into the flow.

Engage Sign-up

Seamless flow into the search experience bypassing initial cognitive UI load: results first, promoting immediate interaction.